How to De-pot Your Lipsticks


Hi Dolls! After accumulating so many lipsticks over the years, I decided to make a lipstick palette. In the past, I found it too much of an annoyance to organize my lipsticks and make room for new ones. I tried the lipstick holder, and other containers, but I find de-potting them to be the most efficient method. In the past, I’ve used clear containers from JoAnne’s & Michael’s, but I prefer the MAC palettes, because their durable, sleek, and inexpensive. With that said, this is how I label and depot my lipsticks.

What You Need

Empty palette

Lipsticks of choice

Metal spatula


Metal spoon


Newspaper/Paper towels


Top Row (L-R): Revlon Mauve it Over, Revlon Pink Pout, Revlon Temptress, Revlon Stormy Pink, Wet n Wild 511B, Rimmel Kate Collection 06 Bottom Row (L-R): Wet n Wild’s Purty Persimmon/Reflect Orange, Black Radiance 5112, L’Oreal The Mystic’s Kiss LD, Black Radiance 5042A, MAC Paramount, NYC’s Mahogany 320.

IMG_4491 IMG_4494 IMG_4498

Step 1: Place newspaper/paper towels down on desk, light your candle and place down onto the newspaper. This will limit a messy area.

Step 2: Select your lipstick, twist up, and cut the lipstick at the base with the spatula onto the spoon. Scoop the remaining lipstick thats at the bottom of the tube with the spatula.

Step 3: Hold spoon over candle until lipstick is thoroughly melted

Step 4: Pour lipstick into empty palette and let cool

Step 5: Label your lipstick

Then Repeat!




Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick

Availability & Pricing
Bobbi Brown – $26.00
Sephora- $24.00
Amount of Product
.08 OZ. / 2.3 g
Almond (7)
Medium- Full coverage
Conceal imperfections
Not for under eye area
Overall Thoughts
I really like this concealer for travel use, and for on the go. It glides onto the skin, and is a very good color match. In addition, it last all day with the help of a setting powder, and conceals nicely. However, I won’t repurchase this concealer, for the simple fact of it having a small amount of product, and the price. I’m sure there are some alternatives that many other brands offer. Let my discovery begin!

What are your favorite Bobbi Brown products?