Essie Nail Polish



Hi Dolls,

I hope all is well! We have so much to catch up on. My lack of post was do to my broken camera. This past weekend, I purchased another camera, but i’m still learning how to work the new camera lol. I purchased an abundance of beauty and makeup items. Many haul post should be up this month, stay tuned!

With school approaching, it’s been very busy in many department stores, and it makes finding clothes difficult, for me at least. I went to Burlington in search for some slacks, and I ended up purchasing nail polish instead. I found these Essie nail polishes for $4.99 each, retail price in other stores are $8.50. So I picked up the colors I don’t own, and some I would utilize for Summer.




•Fishnet Stockings
•First Timer
•Spaghetti Strap
•Come Here


What Essie Nail polishes do you own?




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