Nars Cream Blush in Enchanted



Availability & Pricing

 Nars store



Amount of Product

0.19 Oz/5.5 g



(Creamy peachy blush w/ gold sparkle)


Very creamy, blends well into skin

Great for highlighting, if your a WOC


Very glittery

Overall Thoughts:

This is one of my very first Nars creme blush purchases. To be quite honest, I  have a love/hate relationship with creme blushes. I purchased this blush on sale for $10 from I hardly ever wear creme blush, butif I do decide to,  I prefer to wear creme blush in the Winter. Just from swatching the blush, I can’t wear this product as a blush, it’s better used as a highlighter on my complexion.  But, if used as a blush, it works well as a base for a powder blush. In all honesty, I would not re-purchase this product.  There are other creme blushes Nars offers that would compliment my skin-tone, and don’t require much work like this one. I definitely can’t wait to try other creme blushes that are WOC friendly from the Nars brand.




5 Replies to “Nars Cream Blush in Enchanted”

  1. aww, i had high hopes for this blush! lol i remember you talking about it on instagram, i needed swatches though before i took the plunge! lol i’m sure it’ll look lovely as a highlighter on you. thanks for sharing! oh, and i didn’t even know you switched to wordpress! lol

    1. The blush is such a beautiful color, and would look really nice of fair complexions. Thank goodness I got it only for $10, instead of $30!

      As for Blogger, I kept running into issues constantly, so I made the switch to WordPress, so far so good 😉

  2. I purchased this blue when you posted that it was on sale at Sephora on Instagram! I also cannot really use it as a blush on my complexion, but it is a pretty highlighter. So glad it was only ten dollars haha!

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