When it comes to using eyeliners, I chose one depending on the look I’m creating, and place I’m attending. I tend to own 3 types of eyeliner: liquid, pencil, and gel. If you love and use eyeliner religiously like myself, then spending $20-30 on eyeliner is absurd. When headed to work, I find that using the Elf liquid eyeliner is less time consuming, easy, and works well with my oily eyelids. I like this liner, because it doesn’t move after being applied and last throughout the day. Days that I have more time to apply my makeup, I reach for the Elf gel liner. It definitely takes practice, and a steady hand when using this product. I find that using an angled eyeliner brush helps me create the perfect cat-eye. The only downfall about this particular liner, is that it dries out, and it fades. To revive your gel liner, I like to heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds. It does the trick every time! Lastly, the old- school eye pencil will never go out of style. Tight-lining the eye, and the water-line creates this intense eye look. In addition, it gives the appearance of thick/full lashes. Drugstore eyeliners are my favorite, and I switch them up occasionally, but these 3 are my favorite at the moment 😉
Elf liquid liner- $1
Elf gel liner– $3
N.Y.C kohl pencil- $0.93

I would love to know what your favorite eyeliners are?



8 Replies to “Eyeliners”

  1. I still have yet to try Elf cosmetics but I know it’s a popular one. I like MUA’s waterproof liquid eyeliner – it’s only a £1 and it’s brilliant! I want to try gel eyeliner for the sake of trying it. I still never have! x

    1. Elf is one of my go-to brands. Although I haven’t tried any products from MUA, and it’s probably b/c I’ve never seen the brand in US. I might have to check Amazon. Thanks for the recommendation babe 😉

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