My Birthday Celebration 2012

Hey Dolls, I hope everyone is well. This past week I celebrated my birthday with close friends and family. I’ve never been one to have large extravagant parties. I would actually prefer to take vacations, or have dinner with loved ones.
But this year, I kicked off my birthday celebration on Friday, at a lounge with my girlfriends (which was a spare of the moment decision) where we sipped wine, and mingled with other socialites. On Saturday, I spent most of my day at the spa getting pampered like a celebrity. I have to admit, the spa day was exhausting, but worth every second. I later ate lunch with some friends, and called it a night.
Sunday was the end of my celebration, as I spent the morning at The Mennello Museum of American Art viewing the talents of many artists, including the talented Earl Cunningham (I do plan on going back in February for the African American Art Exhibition). After visiting the museum, our appetites grew immensely, which lead to lunch at Habibi (a Lebanese restaurant). I was excited to go to the restaurant, since I‘ve never tried it before. At Habibi, we devoured delectable dishes of: chicken shawarma, falafel, tabouli, tabouli, and baba ghanoush. Later on, I was surprised by my bestie with tickets to the Tony Rock show at The Improv. There we laughed till we had tears rolling down our faces.  After the show, we had the opportunity to meet Tony Rock, who is so humbled and nice person all around. In general, I had an amazing weekend, and I thought I’d share it with you all 😉

Headed for cocktails 
Dinner w/ Fam

Headed to the Improv
Me and Comedian Tony Rock


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