The Makeup Show 2012: My Experience & Haul

First and foremost,with a outstanding win, I am happy Barack Obama won the 2012 presidential election! 

This week I attended the Makeup Show in Orlando. For those who are unaware of the Makeup Show, it is an event held once a year, which brings together brands, makeup artist and students. At the event you will find: awesome brands, discounted products, seminars, and workshops.

This year the Makeup Show was held at the Peabody Hotel. I was ecstatic to go, since it was my first time going. Once I arrived, I noticed there weren’t many exhibitors (Kevyn Aucoin was listed, but wasn’t there), and inside was a semi-packed crowd. My first stop was a seminar held by Celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson. AJ gave valuable information on branding, and building a name for yourself. In addition, he introduced his new makeup collection, which is now available for purchase. I wanted to get to the Makeup Forever booth, but majority of beauty addicts were there, so I went to go check out other brands. My next stop was Inglot Cosmetics, while there were a few people in line, I managed to swatch some products, and ask questions, I’ve heard so many great things about Inglot Cosmetics on Youtube, and from other beauty bloggers. I even ran into the lovely KoKoFemme from Youtube, if you have n YT account, be sure to subscribe to her channel. It was only right I got a freedom palette (neutral colors), and a concealer. Although there were items I wanted, I only ended up getting a few things that I needed. I made my way to each booth, but made final purchases from Crown Brush, Ofra Cosmetics, Stila Cosmetics. After 3 hours of pure beauty bliss, I was exhausted and ready to go home. I had an awesome time at the Makeup Show, and will definitely go again next year 😉  

Inglot Cosmetics
Cream concealer in DV200
Freedom Eyeshadow Palette: 328,337,360,378,329 (l to r)

Crown Brush
C404 Small duo face brush
C432 Flat line definer brush
Small angled brow brush
Angle Set for nails brushes (3 brushes)
Professional nail art set (4 brushes)
Striper nailbrush
Wooden dotter

Stila Cosmetics
Prime Pot in Taffy

Ofra Cosmetics

Brown eyeshadow (similar to MAC’s Espresso e/s)

Beige eyeshadow (similar to MAC’s Blanc Type e/s)

Pics from the Makeup Show

KoKoFemme- Youtube Guru

Did You Attend the Makeup Show?

12 Replies to “The Makeup Show 2012: My Experience & Haul”

  1. OMG! It was so nice to meet you with your beautiful self! You picked up some amazing things! I'm also glad that you shared your blog with me. I love it!!

    Kokofemme (◠‿◠)

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