Product Review: MAC Marilyn Monroe Legendary Blush

I was ecstatic when I found out MAC was releasing a Marilyn Monroecollection. I first heard about the collection in July, and later received an invitation to the Marilyn Monroe Exhibition at my local MAC store.

I didn’t make it to the exhibition, due to work. Needless to say, I had my mind made up to purchase EVERYTHING, because I tend to choose packaging over the actual product *sigh *. The packaging is so adorable, showcasing a classic black & white photo of a young Marilyn on the box, and embossed on the collection items. How could I resist?!

Last week was the release of the collection exclusively online. When I got to the MAC site, I noticed majority of everything was SOLD OUT. A desperate me wanted something/anything, so of course I bought what was still available. My purchase ended up being the “Legendary blush”. Feeling a bit apprehensive, because I never got a chance to do any swatches, I hoped the blush would complement my skin-tone. Well, yesterday my blush made it’s way safely to my doorstep. When I looked at the blush, I seriously had a knot in my stomach; I knew this was going to look terrible on me. I swatched the blush, and as you can see it appears ashy on my skin tone, and it gets worse the more you build it. Nonetheless, I feel this blush is conducive for women of fair complexion. In addition, the blush is so stiff on the skin, when using my duo fiber blush brush, or any of my blush brushes. This blush is making its way back to the MAC store (pronto), because I just can’t deal. I was hoping to exchange my pasty white blush for the “Perfect cheek blush”, or a lipstick on Thursday in store. Until then, I’ll keep you dolls posted.

Availbility & Pricing

  • MAC stores
  • Nordstrom
  • $22 US

Amount of Product
  • 6g/0.21oz

  • Satin

Limited Edition Collection
Did you score any products from this collection?

9 Replies to “Product Review: MAC Marilyn Monroe Legendary Blush”

  1. Your BEST bet is a Macy's store. MAC stores sold out the week of the release, and Macys got the collection in the week after. Another option is Ebay, some of the prices are bonkers.Good luck babe 😉

  2. i skipped the collection. i was thinking to get one of the reds, but i didn't feel like jumping thru hoops when i have about 8 reds in my personal collection collecting dust *sigh* oh and i got perfect cheeks from a previous collection. excited by the name and not trying the color, boy was i disappointed! ugh…

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