L’Oreal Project Runway Electric Fantasie Collection

I can’t begin to tell you all, how long I’ve been anticipating the new Loreal Project Runway Collection. One year ago, L’Oreal released their first Project Runway Collection, titled “Take Flight”.

 I only scored a quad eyeshadow palette from the collection. This year L’Orea’sl Newest LE collection, “Electric Fantasie” features 4 different looks: The Enchanted Queen, The Artsy Muse,The Wise Mystic, and The Seductive Temptress.Each look features a blush, lipgloss, eyeshadow quad, lipstick, and 2 nail polishes. Many of the colors are neutrals,grays, plums,and corals. I made my way to my local Ulta store to take advantage of the Buy 2,get 1 free deal. After debating each product from the collection, I made my decision to purchase a lipstick, blush,and an eyeshadow quad. 

Top Left- The Artsy Muse
Top Right-The Enchanted Queen
Bottom Left- The Wise Mystic
Bottom Right- The Seductive Temptress

  • The Temptress’s blush (0.35oz/10g) is similar to Nars Dolce Vita, but with a slight gold sheen finish, and light color payoff.    
  • The Mystic’s Kiss lipstick is nothing similar to anything I own, but it is a deep purple with pink reflects. To achieve the same exact tube color, you will definitely need to build the color. 
  •  The Mystic’s Gaze eyeshadow quad (0.16oz/4.8g) contains all shimmer colors, except for the light blue, which is a bit stiff. I would recommend using a sticky blue base to get this color to show up. 

I have to say; I like this collection better than the first Project Runway Collection. Remember, this is a limited edition collection, so when it’s gone, IT’S GONE!

This collection can be found at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, AND Ulta. 

Will you be making any purchases from this collection?


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