Dare To Wear Red Lips

Photo credit: styleblazer.com

Red lips seem to always be in style, no matter the season. Red lips are glamorous, audacious, classic, and are just down right sexy! There are so many red lipsticks for cool and warm undertones. Finding the right red shade for your skin-tone is key. Furthermore, determining what type of finish you want is important (Satin, Frost, Matte, and Lustre).

  In general, red lips just look great on all complexions. I started wearing lipstick about 3 years ago, but I stuck to neutral lipsticks. I already have full lips, so I always thought I looked CRAZY, with huge painted lips. It definitely took some time to adjust to ANY color on my lips. But with time, I gradually started playing with different lip colors. Now, I almost feel like I have to wear lipstick almost every time I leave the house. My favorite ALL-TIME red lipstick is Nars’s Red Lizard; it looks AWESOME on my complexion. When wearing red lips, I like to trace and fill-inwith NYX’s Hot Red lip pencil. When doing so, it makes the lip color last longer on the lips. In addition, I like to clean up around the lips with a concealerthat is my exact complexion, to ensure a perfect pout. These 2 factors will work with any lip color. I listed some red lipsticks in my collection, from my favorite brands (ranging from low, mid-range, and high end). I’d love to know what your favorite RED lipsticks are 😉

  • Black Radiance Red Reggae (satin)
  • Mac Paramount (satin)
  • Nars Red Lizard (satin)
  • Nars Manhunt (lustre)
  • Nars Fire Down Below (satin)
  • Mac Russian Red (matte)
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