$20 Makeup Challenge

Hey Dolls, I know I’ve been MIA for a while, or at least it feels like it. After coming back from vacation, I’m clearly back in flesh, but it seems I never mentally returned lol.

Anywho, I hope all is well with everyone, and I’m back in full throttle to do regular postings. So, I came across a YouTube video, on creating a look with only using  $20 worth of products. I’d thought I join in on the fun, and do a look for you all. This was not an easy challenge to do, since I own some foundations, and blushes at $20- $50 a pop. I couldn’t use any of my brushes, because I would go over the $20. Instead, I used the applicators that came with the products. Furthermore, I didn’t have enough for blush, so I added lipstick to my cheeks, for a flush of color. The hardest part was getting my eyebrows to my liking. I used the black eyeshadow in my palette, along with the applicator, and cleaned up my eyebrows using the same applicator along with my foundation.Majority of the products that I used, can be found at you local Walmart and Target. Enough said, and I now present my $20 look!!!!

  • Cover Girl Queen collection Natural hue in Golden honey $7
  • Maybelline ShineFree Loose powder in Medium $3
  •  Elf eyeshadow primer $1
  • Black Radiance Eye Appeal palette in Posh Plums $5
  • Elf liquid eyeliner $1
  • Elf lashes/glue in 1714 $1
  • Black Radiace lipstick in 5012 $2

What look could you create, using only $20 worth of makeup?


6 Replies to “$20 Makeup Challenge”

  1. Thank you Joanne! It was indeed a difficult challenge,I couldn't reach for some of my favs b/c I would've ended up going over $20. However, I'm happy w/ my results and actually completing the challenge.You should give it a go 😉

  2. Thank you Miiss Dre! I'm anticipating your $20 look, let me know when you do it.It's always fun to see what others can create, when challenged 🙂

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