Violent Lips Review

I tweeted a couple of weeks ago, about purchasing the Violent Lip Tattoo from Sephora. You’ve probably seen some of your favorite celebrities wearing them. They retail $10-$15 at my local Ulta, but Sephora had the Gold Glitteratti design on sale for $4. Yes, I didn’t think twice about getting it lol. Nonetheless, I ended up forgetting about it, because somehow I left it in my Sephora bag in my closet :-/. Each Violent Lip package includes 3 temporary lip tattoo applications. I had to give you dolls a review. And besides, I couldn’t wait any longer. The first step was removing all residue/dirt from my lips, which followed with measuring the tattoo in length, and the depth of my lips. Once measuring is done, I pulled the clear plastic off, and placed the tattoo on my upper lip, while holding my mouth in the “ohh shape”. Then, the UPS man distracted me, by showing up with a package *that wasn’t for me *. This led my lip tattoo to shift a bit, as you see in the picture *Fail *.I then took a cotton ball soaked with water, to smooth out the tattoo. Afterwards, I let it dry fro 5 minutes, and repeated the same steps for my bottom lip.
I wore the lip tattoo for approximately 4 hours. I even went to PetsMart to buy my dog some food and toys. In return, I got strange looks and a few compliments. I completely forgot I was wearing it. It feels like you have nothing on your lips. Removing it was SUPER easy; I just lifted the corners and pulled it off. I really like the Violent Lip Tattoos, I plan to get the pink cheetah design.

Will you try the Violent lip tattoo? If so, what design would you choose?


4 Replies to “Violent Lips Review”

  1. Thank you Rochelle! The leopard would look so nice on you, I believe there's some newer designs for Valentine's Day. I really wish they had some Superbowl/football team lip tattoos.Now,that would be wicked 😉

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