OPI Nicki Minaj Collection Review

Hey Dolls! Where did the weekend go?!? I guess I slept right through it. I can’t begin to tell you dolls, how much I harassed the employees at my local Ulta, about the Nicki Minaj OPI collection. This dates back to the first week of January. I called them inquiring about the collection, and when exactly should they receive it. They continued to give me the same answer, of not knowing the date. I gave my information to contact me, once the collection came in. Four weeks later, I get a call about the collection’s arrival. So, what do I do? I wait 2 days later, because I totally forgot about it *Grrrrr *. Once I got to the store, I only had the option of the OPI minis *sigh * .You know I was mad at myself. But, I ‘d rather have something, rather than nothing. I will say, I have similar colors to the collection, to an extent. For example, the polish, “Did it on ‘Em” reminds me of,“Who the Shrek are You”, from the Shrek collection. My favorite color from this collection is “Fly”. I’m happy with the collection, but I wish there were more colors.

Different looks

-Did it on ‘Em: Lime green
-Fly: A deep aqua
-Pink Friday: Bubblegum pink
-Metallic 4 Life: A charcoal color w/ tons of glitter

What do you think?


4 Replies to “OPI Nicki Minaj Collection Review”

  1. @Sharon, Thank you 😉

    @ The Mane Topic, I heard the collection sold out, but you can order from the OPI website 😉

    @ Kia,LOL only the green polish reminds me of the Shrek collection. That's it, b/c all the colors from this collection have a lot of shimmer & glitter. I honestly ONLY like “Fly”.

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