Nail Polish: Ulta’s Snow White

Finally! Friday is here, and I’m so ready to get the weekend started. If you follow me on Twitter, I recently tweeted about a HUGE nail polish sale at Ulta. Brands like: Piggy, OPI, Butter, China Glaze, Essie, and etc were on sale between $2-$4. Amazing right?!?! I racked up on so many that I may need to invest in a nail rack. This week I wore Ulta’s Snow white on my nails. This is the only white nail polish I own, and my first Ulta brand nail polish. The consistency of the nail polish is goopy, and thick. I applied 2 coats, and finished it off with a clear coat. Within a day, my polish managed to crack and chip at once. Boo!!!!!! I like the color, but I can’t say I’ll be buying another nail polish from the Ulta collection. Before this post uploads, this nail polish will vanish from my nails :-/

Have you tried the Ulta brand nail polishes?



4 Replies to “Nail Polish: Ulta’s Snow White”

  1. I've had the same experience with my Ulta Snow White. I was so excited to have my first white polish, but it's gloopy and always dries semi-tacky, no matter how long I leave between coats or how GOOD a top coat I use. (I'm currently hoping a thin layer of it will dry enough for the French mani I just tried to give myself. No luck so far!)

    However, I did want to say that I purchased three other Ulta polishes when I got Snow White (YAY for buy one, get one deals!), and all the others are lovely. I bought their clear top coat, Blue Streak, and Pinata-Yada-Yada and would recommend all three.

    Three out of four isn't bad, I guess, but I'm super-disappointed about Snow White. 😦

  2. Thanks for sharing! I got in on the Bogo too lol. I decided to give the Ulta polish a second chance, so I picked up, “In the nude” last week. It's nothing like the Snow White, and I actually like it. But, i will definitely check out the nail polishes you mentioned 😉

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