My Birthday Week!

Hey Dolls! This past Thursday was my birthday, and I had an amazing time. My sister treated me to shopping and dinner *lots of bags…*. We ended the night dancing the night away at Draft with some friends. I wanted to challenge my inner Lisa Raye, who happens to live in ALL THINGS WHITE lol. I decided to keep my makeup neutral with a pop of color on the lips. Nars Red lizard is my favorite red lipstick, I love it!

On Saturday, the celebration continued with lots of food, fun festivities with my family, and a beautiful cake made by a good friend of mine. I wanted to thank everyone for celebrating with me, and all the birthday wishes!!!!

Bday dinner w/ friends & sis
Party dress

Fun w/ fam.



12 Replies to “My Birthday Week!”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! That cake is so fab and I love each look! Thanks for sharing the look breakdowns for us. I think I like the black and leopard with the red pump the best. You have great style!

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