Hey Dolls! I’ve received many emails about eyeliner. Eyeliner is actually the first makeup product I purchased at age 13. Eyeliners come in many forms: pencil, liquid, powder, and cream. I choose my eyeliner depending on the look I’m trying to achieve. I normally wear a winged -cat eye EVERYDAY. I achieve my cat eye with a cream eyeliner and an angled brush. The cream eyeliner and angled brush gives me more control: I can elongate the wing, and thicken the line with the angled brush. I honestly don’t recommend purchasing higher end eyeliners. Eyeliners are only good from 3-6 months for liquid, and 24 months for creams. I tend to change my every 3 months #just me#. Have a Fabulous weekend dolls!
I listed my favorite eyeliners below:
  • MAC eyeliners
  • L’Oreal H.I.P. cream eyeliner
  • Prestige liquid eyeliner
  • Stila eyeliner *not pictured *

What are your favorite eyeliners?


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