Drugstore Haul

Hey Dolls! I’ve been a busy bee this past weekend. I finally took down my Halloween decorations #Yea#. In addition, I went to my local Target to pick up a few Halloween decorations on sale. Aside from my holiday shopping, I managed to find myself in the cosmetics aisle #I turn into a kid in a candy store#. I honestly have a love/hate relationship with drugstore makeup. Sometimes, I’ll buy a product and it may appear pigmented or nicely packaged. But then, when applied to the face, lips, or eyes, a rush of disappointment prostrates me. The quality is AWFUL! Knowing me, I will return the product in a hot second, and get a refund. #okay!# If you would like a review on the products I purchased, feel free to leave a comment, and/or email me.

  • L’oreal Project Runway Audacious Amazon’s Gaze palette
  • Revlon single eyeshadow in Rivera blue
  • CoverGirl single eyeshadow in Shimmering Onyx
  • Maybelline eye studio eyeshadow in Carbon Frost
  • Revlon lipgloss palette in Bordeaux
  • Revlon Illuminance crème shadow in Electric Pop

What are favorite drugstore products?


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