NYX Cosmetics Haul

Hey Dolls! As many of us makeup junkies adore great sales on cosmetics, many of us weren’t happy with NYX Cosmetics. NYX recently had their anniversary sale, where everything was priced at $1.20 on their website. However, they weren’t prepared for the millions of makeup junkies that wanted to partake in the sale. This led their server to crash, which left many people livid. I went to NYX’s  Facebook fan page to read the comments. Let me just say, the comments were explicit to the point of no return. NYX apologized repetitively, and offered everyone 50% off, and free shipping in exchange for your email address. For, those who emailed NYX their email address received a special code to get the discount and free shipping. Once, I received my code, I placed my order for 3 eye-shadow palettes, and 20 eyelashes. Surprisingly, I received my items within a week of placing my order. I am VERY pleased with my items. I just hope NYX is better prepared for next year’s anniversary sale.

The Caribbean Collection
I Dream of St. Lucia

I Dream of Antigua e/s palette

I Dream of St. Thomas e/s palette

What are your favorite NYX products?


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