LaFemme Blushes

Hi Dolls! I hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day. I smelled BBQ in the air, while running errands. Yum! So, after almost 2 months, I finally got my LaFemme blushes from I can honestly say, it was worth the wait. I called the main office after a month of waiting for my order. I spoke to Heather, who reassured me the blushes would be shipped out ASAP. Not only did she expedite my order, but she also waived the shipping, due to the inconvenience. I ordered 4 pan blushes to add to my blush palette. I absolutely love my new blushes!

Left to Right: Cinnabar, Mandarin Red, Orange, & Magenta
Left: MAC’s blush in Peaches, alongside Cinnabar
(Comparison in size)

Wearing Cinnabar blush

What do you think about the blushes by LaFemme?

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