Sun-Kissed Makeup

Hey Dolls, Did everyone get a chance to watch the 2011 BET Awards?! My girl Beyonce ripped the stage as ALWAYS! She performed 2 songs from the new album live from Glastonbury, England. I have to divulge; she was the only one I was looking forward to seeing lol. Did I mention, I got her […]

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Pink Passion Makeup

Hey Dolls, I’m here again with another makeup look. So, I present to you Pink Passion. I have a propensity to mix high and low makeup cosmetics. I have to admit that I use to be a MAC addict for 6 years, but after experimenting with other brands, I’ve now added non-MAC cosmetics to my […]

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Hola Dolls! What better way to fake a sun-kissed tan? Bring out the bronzer baby…….!So, I’ve been so busy lately with no time to hit up the beach, let alone the pool. While everyone is walking around glazed and brown, and some burnt badly, I’m rocking my MAC bronzer. I applied my bronzer with a […]

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Purple Haze Makeup

Hey Dolls, I hope all of you had a blessed Father’s day. A special shout-out to all the fathers in the world!!! I love my father, who is my backbone, and my inspiration. For, those that personally know me are very aware that I have the personality of my father. I met with the family […]

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NYX Cosmetics Haul

Hey Dolls! As many of us makeup junkies adore great sales on cosmetics, many of us weren’t happy with NYX Cosmetics. NYX recently had their anniversary sale, where everything was priced at $1.20 on their website. However, they weren’t prepared for the millions of makeup junkies that wanted to partake in the sale. This led […]

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LaFemme Blushes

Hi Dolls! I hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day. I smelled BBQ in the air, while running errands. Yum! So, after almost 2 months, I finally got my LaFemme blushes from I can honestly say, it was worth the wait. I called the main office after a month of waiting for my order. […]

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