Nars Wild at Heart Palette

Hey Dolls! So………I’ve been so LAZY this past week, and this review is way overdue. I purchased the Nars palette from last month. I know………..last month :-/ but I wanted to show some swatches, and my opinion of the “Wild at Heart Palette”. This palette was created to celebrate 15 years of Nars Cosmetics existence, and it’s exclusive dolls ;-). I absolutely love Nars, and we all know Nars is not cheap. A single blush from Nars can cost you $26, and a single eye shadow is $23. You do the math….. I bought the palette for $75.It consists of four eye shadows, four lip glosses, one blush, and a multiple. I love the packaging, it’s soooo sheek.

Eyeshadows from left to right:
Abyssinia, Alhambra, Ashes to Ashes, Pandora

Lipglosses from left to right: Baby Doll, Red Lizard, Manhunt, Fire Down Below

Now, I will say this palette is more a natural look. The only pop of color you get is from the lip glosses. This palette can be used on ANY skin-tone. If you have a skin-tone like mine or darker, the blush will not show up. Make sure to add a cream base blush to the apple of the cheeks to make the infamous “Orgasm” pop. Great for travel, and light-weight to put in your purse.  There is another palette similar to this one, but it consists of many blues. That palette wouldn’t benefit me, since I have my MAC eye shadow palette. My MAC palette has every color under the sun. Okay, enough rambling………Let me know what favorite Nars products are?


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